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How to lead the castle guided walkGuidedWalkVersion1.doc  
How to lead the Newbridge walk ~ NewbridgeWalkVersion4.doc

Backup material
    Newbridge photo ~ NewbridgePhoto.doc 
    Train photo ~ 
    Other documents and photos ~ OtherDocuments.doc 
    Risk assessment ~ RiskAssessmentSheet.doc
How to lead the Town walk ~ TownGuideVersion1.doc

Backup material
More information about the town walk ~ GuideDocument.doc
    A collection of articles about Pickering, some by Judy ~ Articles.doc
    A small amount of information on the Beck isle museum ~ BeckIsle.doc
    Information about the church and rectory ~ ChurchDocuments.doc
    Information on the Cleveland Bay horse ~ ClevlandBays.doc
    A diagram of a Cruck house ~ CruckHouse.doc
    The Domesday entry for Pickering ~ DomesdayEntry.doc
    A brief history of the Friends Meeting House ~ FriendsMeetingHouse.doc
    A little bit about the railway and the Gasworks, which became a granary ~ Railway.doc
    A photograph of a horse and cart outside the Lettered Board ~ LetteredBoardPhoto.doc
    Risk assessment ~ TownGuideHealthAndSafetyVersion1.doc
The town walk as it looked in 1975 ~ 1975 town guide.doc




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